This article is about modifying my terminal for maximum productivity. This is a reference to my future self. Time and again I go through the same steps and each time I have to go through the same discovery phase of what I like the most and what is suitable for my work. So putting all those things here once in for all for future reference.

This is just the bare minimum. I plan to update this whenever I find something worth adding to my command line.

We need ZSH. But if you need to remove a broken ZSH installation first…


We are going to see how we can setup SSL certificate with Istio Gateway. We are not going to use any additional Kubernetes Ingress. We will setup SSL certificate for the Istio-IngressGateway LoadBalancer Service that Istio gives you out of the box.

We will setup SSL Certificate in two different ways.


This approach is a bit of a manual and you have to manually renew the certificate after it’s expired. But what I like about it is, it’s certificate validation step is instantaneous.


Using Cert-Manager(an open-source application that creates and renews SSL Certificates automatically in Kubernetes environments) for Dev and…

Istio is the most popular service mesh out there. What’s a Service Mesh? A service mesh is an abstraction layer between your application and Kubernetes.

It has the capability to control your network and give you some rich functionalities that you don’t get with Kubernetes. Istio has been designed from scratch keeping Kubernetes in mind. So it integrates seamlessly with any Kubernetes application. And at some point of time if you decide not to use Istio, you can just uninstall it and your Kubernetes application will work as usual — without the Istio features obviously.

One of the features that…

I recently tried to setup centralised logging for Istio 1.5. I was looking for an easy and straight forward way to setup Elasticsearch, Fluentd/Fluent Bit and Kibana. While I was looking around, I came across the ECK — Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes that really got my interest. And the official documentation explains how to setup ECK with Istio.

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes simplifies setup, upgrades, snapshots, scaling, high availability, security, and more for running Elasticsearch and Kibana in Kubernetes for one or many use cases.

But I wanted to use Fluentd or Fluent Bit with the ECK stack. …

You have some experience with Kubernetes and have deployed basic applications on Kubernetes. You have heard of Istio and all the wonderful features that it brings to your Kubernetes application like Canary Deployment, Circuit Breaking, JWT authentication, mTLS. And now you just want to get some hands-on experience on how you can introduce Istio in the very minimum level possible just to test the waters. This story will help you out with that.

This story does not give you any explanation of what Istio is. …

Machine Learning(ML) is not only about writing a Python script and running that script faster and faster using GPUs and TPUs. There are a lot more steps before and after that piece of Python Script. To help you wrap your head around all the steps in a standard ML project, I will give you a real world comparison.

Before I go in the details, I want you to get rid of all the thoughts that force you to think that ML steps are complicated. After you finish reading this story, if anyone asks you about ML steps, you will say

Kubeflow serving gives you a very easy and straight forward way of serving your TensorFlow model on Kubernetes using both CPU and GPU. Kubeflow documentation has the necessary configuration files to get you started. But its not very beginner friendly. There are few things that you need to take care of before you can just CTRL C + CTRL V the yaml configurations and expect it to work. In this article I will explain the necessary steps and tweaks to make sure the stuff written in docs gives you results.

In this article we will be using one of the…


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